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mattress trailer load

North Georgia and Chattanooga Area Mattress Removal 

Mighty Dump LLC, Dumpster Rentals, Junk Service provides North Georgia and Chattanooga area mattress removal services. We break down, pick up, haul away and properly dispose of old mattresses.

Are You Looking for a North Georgia or Chattanooga Area
Mattress Removal Service?

Junk Removal Service | Mighty Dump LLC | Ringgold
Junk Removal Service | Mighty Dump LLC | Ringgold
Junk Removal Service | Mighty Dump LLC | Ringgold

Do you have an old mattress taking up valuable space that's not in use?

Looking for a junk removal service that specializes in mattress removal?

Do you need help picking up an old mattress or box spring?

Junk Removal Service | Mighty Dump LLC | Ringgold
Junk Removal Service | Mighty Dump LLC | Ringgold
Junk Removal Service | Mighty Dump LLC | Ringgold

Don't want to deal with loading and hauling away that old mattress yourself?

Are you looking for some pricing on removing an old mattress in the North Georgia or Chattanooga Tennessee area?

Got an old mattress that's been left behind by someone moving out?

junk removal, dumpster rental, trash hauling, junk hauling North Georgia Ringgold, Rossville, FortOglethorpe, Layfayette, Chickamauga, Rock Springs, Dalton and Chattanooga areas

We'll Do The Dirty Work

Save yourself the hassle and save time by letting us take care of that old mattress. We got all the manpower, trucks for loading up, hauling away any of your unwanted items.

Competitive Pricing

As much as we love to just get rid of stuff for people, most dumps have special fees for mattresses. But don't worry! Our prices are still competitive and you'll be able to quote you price that's is right for your budget.

Friendly Staff

Mattresses are a pain to deal with, but our team makes it easy. We'll come by and pick up your old mattress in no time at all! Call us or schedule an appointment online so we know what day/time works for you.

mattress trailer load

Mighty Dump LLC,
Mattress Disposal Service

A Quick Break Down Of Our Mattress Removal Service

We'll pick up any and all mattresses from your home or property. We can remove the mattresses from your home or pick the mattresses up from your curb. 

Box Spring Removal

You know, it really is strange how the mattresses get all of our attention when they need to be disposed of. We often forget that box springs are also important! As part of a mattress pickup service in North Georgia and Chattanooga areas, we take these with us also- give us a call today for more information and schedule the service.

Proper Disposal of Mattresses and Box Spring

Mattresses are full of all sorts of materials. They are a specialty item. They contain plastics, foam insulation, steel springs, fabrics. All these items need proper disposal, so you don't want to handle them yourself- Call us up the pros here at Mighty Dump, Dumpster Rentals, Junk Removal Service. We know mattress removal.

Here Are the Steps to Mighty Dump, Dumpster Rentals, Junk Removal Service, Mattress Removal…

We will give you an estimate of the day & time we can go and collect it.

Give us a call for a FREE estimate on removing your old mattress.

We will give you an estimate of the day & time we can go and collect it.

Just kick back, relax as our professional team haul it away for you!

Why Choose Our Assistance
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • One-stop Shop

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Locally Owned and Operated 

  • Professional Team

  • Fast, Free, and Easy Quotes

  • Experienced Services

  • 24/7 Availability

Great Low Prices

Competitive pricing on all dumpster trailer rentals. No hidden surcharges of any kind!

Affordable Pricing, Mattress Removal

Easy Online Ordering

Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

easy online ordering

Fast and Reliable  

We care about our customers and strive to make your experience with us the best ever. We are available by phone, text, email, and Facebook

fast and reliable

Customer Satisfaction

We hold a 5-star review with our dumpster rentals and efficient junk removal service.

Do you have more junk than you want to deal with? Find yourself procrastinating when it comes time to do your garage clean-out? Mighty Dump, Dumpster Rentals, Junk removal Service can help. You just point us in the direction, and we will pack it, load it and dump it. No work on your part.





We not only offer dumpsters on wheels.
We offer a convenient and stress-free

Mighty JUNK REMOVAL service.


Are You Interested in a Fast, Easy, and FREE Estimate! Reach Out Today.

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